Functional art furniture that goes from the log to your family room.

Trees are artistically sawn, dried, and designed into aesthetically pleasing pieces of unique furniture, specializing in tables -specifically coffee tables, sofa tables, side tables, and dining tables. The natural beauty of wood is memorialized into a functional piece of art furniture most often keeping the live edge or natural edge of the tree intact, which allows striking grain patterns in the wood to be revealed. Additionally, recycled iron is creatively incorporated into the support system to display the one-of-a-kind tops. Many tables also utilize glass shelves so the top can be left uncluttered, continually displaying the nataural beauty.

Other services include: Family tree turned into family heirloom furniture and kiln drying. Custom sawing might focus on small niche of sawing favorite family tree, after designing potential piece of furniture from the tree, drying wood, making furniture. Example: Historic Midway plantation trees had to be removed for sale of commercial real estate, trees were commemorated into flooring and furniture from Civil War era trees.